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We did the 7.8 mile loop and counted 72 different wildflowers and identified most of them. The very top of the mountain has balsamroot just opening but lower down it is fully open and beat up by wind and rain. Some of the other flowers we saw include ball head cluster lilly, bicolor cluster lilly. bead lilly,fairy bells,chocolate lilly,solomon plume, starry solomon plume, death camas,spotted coralroot,phantom orchid,wild ginger,buckwheat, montia,miners lettuce, candy flower, baneberry, columbine,larkspur,buttercup,vanilla leaf,oregon grape,inside out flower,wall flower, stonecrop, prarie star, fringe cup, foam flower, service berry, strawberry, wild little rose, thimble berry, vetches, lupine, deer brush, blue and yellow violets, yellow parsley, sweet cicely, kinnikinnick, star flower, blue gilia, phlox, waterleaf, fiddleneck, puccoon, popcorn flower, paintbrush, blue eyed mary, monkey flower, penstemmon, bedstraw, honeysuckle, elderberry, snowberry, rosy plectritis, bigroot, colts foot, groundsel, yarrow, salmonberry and gold stars

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