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This is the perfect time to visit. The summit meadows are <B>beautiful!</B> <P> Now blooming in the forest along the Dog Mountain trail: Small-Flowered Blue-Eyed Mary <I>(Collinsia parviflora)</I>, Nine-leaf Desert Parsley <I>(Lomatium triternatum </I>var.<I> triternatum)</I>, Slender Popcorn Flower <I>(Plagiobothrys tenellus)</I>, lots of Fork-Toothed Ookow <I>(Dichelostemma congestum)</I>, Broad-Leaf Star Flower <I>(Trientalis latifolia)</I>, Spotted Coral Root <I>(Corallorhiza maculata)</I> and Inside-Out Flower <I>(Vancouveria hexandra)</I> along the "easier" trail beyond the first trail junction, Thimbleberry <I>(Rubus parviflorus)</I>, Yarrow <I>(Achillea millefolium)</I>, intermittent patches of Columbia Gorge Lupine <I>(Lupinus latifolius </I>var.<I> thompsonianus)</I>, and Wild Strawberry <I>(Fragaria virginiana)</I>. <P> Blooming at the lower viewpoint: carpets of Northwest Balsamroot <I>(Balsamorhiza deltoidea)</I>, Harsh Paintbrush <I>(Castilleja hispida)</I>, Spring Gold <I>(Lomatium utriculatum)</I>, Columbia Gorge Lupine <I>(Lupinus latifolius </I>var.<I> thompsonianus)</I>, Bicolored Cluster Lily <I>(Brodiaea howellii)</I>, Small-Flowered Prairie Star <I>(Lithophragma parviflorum)</I>, and Meadow Death-Camas <I>(Zigadenus venenosus </I>var.<I> venenosus)</I>. <P> Beyond/above the lower viewpoint there are Rosy Plectritis <I>(Plectritis congesta)</I>, Chocolate Lily <I>(Fritillaria lanceolata)</I>, more Small-Flowered Blue-Eyed Mary <I>(Collinsia parviflora)</I> and Wild Strawberry <I>(Fragaria virginiana)</I>, and Upland Larkspur <I>(Delphinium nuttallianum)</I>. <P> Blooming in the forest above the lower viewpoint: Star-Flowered Solomon's-Seal <I>(Maianthemum stellatum)</I> is blooming along with more Broad-Leaf Star Flower <I>(Trientalis latifolia)</I> and Thimbleberry <I>(Rubus parviflorus)</I>. Blooming in the forest beyond the second trail junction above the lower viewpoint: Miner's Lettuce <I>(Claytonia perfoliata)</I>, Evergreen Violet <I>(Viola sempervirens)</I>, Western Sweet-Cicely <I>(Osmorhiza occidentalis)</I>, Fringe Cup <I>(Tellima grandiflora)</I>, along with more Star-Flowered Solomon's-Seal <I>(Maianthemum stellatum)</I> and Inside-Out Flower <I>(Vancouveria hexandra)</I>. <P> Blooming in the summit meadows: endless carpets of Northwest Balsamroot <I>(Balsamorhiza deltoidea)</I>, lots of Upland Larkspur <I>(Delphinium nuttallianum)</I>, more Harsh Paintbrush and Columbia Gorge Lupine, Spring Gold <I>(Lomatium utriculatum)</I>, Spreading Phlox <I>(Phlox diffusa)</I>, more Nine-leaf Desert Parsley and Wild Strawberry, and Western Buttercup <I>(Ranunculus occidentalis)</I> especially at the summit. Also watch for Rock Penstemon <I>(Penstemon rupicola)</I> blooming on the outcrops below the summit. <P> Blooming in the forest along the Augspurger Mountain return trail: lots of Star-Flowered Solomon's-Seal <I>(Maianthemum stellatum)</I> and False Solomon's-Seal <I>(Maianthemum racemosum)</I>, Red Columbine <I>(Aquilegia formosa)</I>, a profusion of Vanilla Leaf <I>(Achlys triphylla)</I> and Fairy Bells <I>(Prosartes hookeri)</I>, Wood Violet <I>(Viola glabella)</I>, Candyflower <I>(Claytonia sibirica)</I>, as well as more Broad-Leaf Star Flower, Inside-Out Flower, and Striped Coral Root. In sunny areas along the trail, there are patches of Northwest Balsamroot, Columbia Gorge Lupine, Chocolate Lily, Popcorn Flower, Upland Larkspur, Fork-Toothed Ookow, and Harsh Paintbrush. Also look for Rough Wallflower <I>(Erysium asperum)</I> and Broad-Leaf Stonecrop <I>(Sedum spathulifolium)</I> as the trail crosses the talus slopes.

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