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Camassia looks wonderful, and should remain way that for the next several weeks! The meadows are dominated by Rosy Plectritis <I>(Plectritis congesta)</I> and Large-flowered Blue-eyed Mary <I>(Collinsia grandiflora)</I>. Thousands of Common Camas <I>(Camassia quamash)</I> are starting to open everywhere, as is Western Saxifrage <I>(Saxifraga occidentalis)</I>. <P> Also in bloom are Wood Violets <I>(Viola glabella)</I>, Western Buttercup <I>(Ranunculus occidentalis </I>var.<I> occidentalis)</I>, Candy Flower <I>Claytonia sibirica)</I>, Slender Toothwort <I>(Cardamine pulcherrima)</I>, Oregon Fawn Lily <I>(Erythronium oregonum)</I>, Western Trillium <I>(Trillium ovatum)</I>, and Trailing Blackberry <I>(Rubus ursinus)</I>.

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