Wildflower Report for Cape Horn

LocationCape Horn
ReporterDon Jacobson
Web sitehttp://www.donjacobsonphoto.com
CommentsProsartes smithii, (Disporum smithii) Smith's Fairy Bell Prosartes hookerii (Disporum hookerii) Hooker's Fairy Bell Dicentra formosa, Bleeding Heart Claytonia sibirica, Siberian Candy Flower Synthris reniformis, Snow Queen Smilacina racemosa, Western Solomon's Seal Smilacina stellata, Starry Solomon's Seal Camassia leichtlinii, Great Camas Maianthemum dilatatum, Western Lily of the valley Saxifraga occidentalis, Western Saxifrage Delphinium sp., Larkspur Fritillaria lancelata, Chocolate Lily Trillium ovatum, Trillium Streptopus amplexifolius, Twisted Stalk Corallorhiza striata, Stripped Coral Root Arenaria macrophylla, Big Leaf Sandwort Cerastum arvense, Field Chickweed Actaea rubra, Baneberry Achlys triphylla, Vanilla Leaf Cardamine pulcherrima, Toothwort Lunaria annua, Money Plant Lithophragma sp., Woodland Star Tellima grandiflora, Fringecup Toliea menziesii, Youth-on-age Ribes sanguineum, Red Flowering Currant Amelanchier alnifolia, Service Berry Fragaria vesca, Woods Strawberry Oxalis oregana, Oregon sorrel Viola adunca, Long-spurred Violet Viola glabella, Woods Violet Lomatium triternatum, Nine Leaf Desert Parsley Osmorhiza sp, Sweet Cicely Nemophila parfiflora, Meadow Nemophila Castilleja hispida, Harsh paintbrush Collinsia sp, Blue-eyed Mary Mimulus alsinoides, Chickweed Monkeyflower Marah oregonus, Big Root Lots more that I can not remember.

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