Hood River Mountain

AreaColumbia Gorge (east - OR)
Best time to visitLate April through mid-May
Blooming NowNo
Elevation1760-2120 feet
Trail Info1.1 mile one-way to the northern end of the meadows, with app. 420 feet cumulative elevation change.

NOTE: The blue marker indicates the trailhead.


Hood River Mountain is an extremely rewarding hike for very little effort. The open ridge is covered with wildflowers, most notably Northwest Balsamroot (Balsamhoriza deltoidea), Carey's Balsamroot (Balsamorhiza careyana var. deltoida), Columbia Gorge Broad-Leaf Lupine (Lupinus latifolius var. thompsonianus), and Harsh Paintbrush (Castilleja hispida). Plus, on a clear day you will enjoy a fantastic view of Mount Hood and the Hood River Valley.


Take Interstate 84 to Exit 64 (Highway 35, White Salmon / Government Camp). Travel south on Button Bridge Road for 0.3 mile to a four-way stop, then proceed straight onto Highway 35. In 1.9 miles, turn left onto Whiskey Creek Road. Proceed 0.5 mile until it ends at Eastside Road. Turn left, then almost immediately (0.1 mile) turn right onto Old Dalles Road (perhaps mislabeled "Dr"). The pavement ends at 0.9 miles, but the gravel road is safe for normal passenger cars. At 2.0 miles from Eastside Road, curve right onto Elder Road. Continue 1.1 mile to a gated gravel road on your right (N 45 39.765 W 121 27.875). Park on the shoulder and do not block the gate. Start your hike by walking past the gate uphill on the gravel road.

If there is no room to park (which is highly unlikely), continue 0.7 mile south on Elder Road to the Whoopdee trailhead on the right/west side of the road. The trail starts at the northwest corner of the parking area, and passes through forest to join the gravel road near the radio tower.

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05/03/2018Heidi Venture

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