Hunter Creek Bog

AreaSouthwest Oregon
(Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest)
Best time to visitMay through July
Blooming NowNo
Elevation1650 feet
Trail InfoThe path winds approximately 0.2 mile through the bog, with negligible elevation gain.
DogsPROHIBITED. Please respect this location by leaving your dog at home.

NOTE: The blue marker indicates the trailhead.


Hunter Creek Bog is a designated Area of Critical Environmental Concern (ACEC). It is a wonderful place to see a variety of special plants including: California Pitcher Plant (Darlingtonia californica), California Bog Asphodel (Narthecium californicum), California Lady's Slipper (Cypripedium californicum), Vollmer's Lily (Lilium paralinum ssp. vollmeri), Serpentine Phacelia (Phacelia corymbosa), Serpentine Arnica (Arnica cernua), and Mendocino Gentian (Gentiana setigera). Plus, you will probably have the entire place to yourself!

For detailed information and plant lists, see Kalmiopsis Volume 11.


Two miles south of Gold Beach, turn east off Highway 101 onto Hunter Creek Road. Immediately turn right at the T-junction and continue for 4.9 paved miles. At this point you will reach a junction where you can either continue straight or turn right uphill. Continue straight onto gravel Road 3680.

Once on Road 3680, be sure to turn right at two poorly-signed junctions, at 1.7 and 4.2 miles. After 5.6 miles on Road 3680 (or a total of approximately 10.5 miles from Highway 101), watch for a "Hunter Creek Bog" sign on a tree on the right (south) side of the road.

There is no designated parking area, so park carefully on the shoulder. The path begins at the sign. You might want to wear rubber boots or waders because some sections can be quite wet.

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