Rowena Plateau

AreaColumbia Gorge (east - OR)
(Mount Hood National Forest)
Best time to visitMid-April to Early May
Blooming NowYES
Elevation430-700 feet
Trail Info2.2 miles round-trip, 250 foot elevation loss/gain
 Hike information - Oregon Hikers Field Guide
DogsPROHIBITED. Please respect this location by leaving your dog at home.

NOTE: The blue marker indicates the trailhead.


The Nature Conservancy manages this magnificent plateau overlooks the Columbia River. Home to spectacular spring wildflower displays, this area's diversity stems from the fact that it lies in the transition zone between the moist, heavily-forested west side of the Cascades and the drier bunchgrass prairies of the east. The geology of the plateau is also intriguing. Lava flows, catastrophic floods and volcanic ash deposits shaped a mound-and-swale topography that perplexes the experts. Earthquake sorting, freezing and thawing, erosion, soil accumulations by plants and wildlife burrowing activities have all been suggested as having caused the mounds.


If you are coming from Portland, take Interstate 84 east to Hood River and continue 5 miles to Exit 69 (Mosier). Take Highway 30 east through the town of Mosier, and in 6.6 miles you will see the Rowena Crest Viewpoint parking area on your right.

May 2017 update: a landslide has closed Highway 30 east of Rowena Plateau. Please check with ODOT before assuming that that has been reopened. In the meantime, Rowena and Tom McCall are still accessible via Mosier (see above).

If you are coming from The Dalles, take Interstate 84 west 8 miles to Exit 76 (Rowena). Cross under the freeway, and turn right (west) onto Highway 30. Drive up the hill approximately 2.6 undulating miles to the Rowena Crest Viewpoint parking area, which will be on your left.

Trip Reports

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05/11/2023Victor von Salza
04/14/2023Greg Lief
04/22/2022Victor von Salza
03/29/2022Victor von Salza
03/21/2022Greg Lief
04/08/2021Greg Lief
04/07/2021Greg Lief
03/03/2021Greg Lief
03/18/2020Greg Lief
03/07/2020Greg Lief
03/05/2020Greg Lief
04/21/2019Greg Lief
04/16/2019Greg Lief
04/04/2019Greg Lief
04/26/2018Greg Lief
04/08/2018Greg Lief
05/07/2017Greg Lief
04/15/2016Cheryl Willson
04/10/2016Greg Lief
03/29/2016Greg Lief
02/14/2016Greg Lief
03/21/2015Greg Lief
05/03/2014Balaji Ramaswamy
04/19/2014Greg Lief
05/05/2013Greg Lief
05/19/2012Oak Aw
05/06/2012Greg Lief
05/02/2010Greg Lief
04/15/2010Jim and Nina Pollock
05/14/2009Jim Conrad
04/25/2009Cheryl Hill
03/21/2009Victor von Salza
05/24/2008Victor von Salza
05/10/2008Greg Lief
04/11/2008Victor von Salza
04/11/2008Victor von Salza
03/09/2008Greg Lief
02/24/2008Greg Lief
02/09/2008Victor von Salza
05/06/2007Greg Lief
04/30/2007Cheryl Hill
04/01/2007Greg Lief
03/11/2007Greg Lief

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Photo Gallery

Balsamroot and Lupine at Rowena Plateau #1

Balsamroot and Lupine at Rowena Plateau #2

Balsamroot and Lupine at Rowena Plateau #3

Balsamroot and Lupine at Rowena Plateau #4

Balsamroot and Lupine at Rowena Plateau #5

Balsamroot and Lupine at Rowena Plateau #6

Eastern Gorge view from Rowena Plateau

Grass Widow at Rowena Plateau

Albino Grass Widow at Rowena Plateau

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