Bachelor Mountain

AreaWestern Cascades
(Willamette National Forest)
Best time to visitJuly
Blooming NowNo
Elevation5900 feet
Trail Info3.8 miles round-trip, 1100 feet elevation gain
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NOTE: The blue marker indicates the trailhead.


Bachelor Mountain is a great companion hike to Coffin Mountain. The trailheads are very close, and both are easy enough to be done as part of the same trip.

In addition to wildflowers, Bachelor Mountain features a GREAT "in your face" view of Mount Jefferson. Please visit Tanya Harvey's web site for more information and plant lists.


Travel on Highway 22 to Road 11 (Straight Creek Road), which is 12.4 miles north of Santiam Junction or 2.7 miles south of Marion Forks between mileposts 69 and 70. Proceed 4.1 paved miles, then turn right and fork uphill onto gravel Road 1168. (Note that this is the SECOND junction of Road 1168.) After another 3.8 miles, you will pass Road 450 where the Coffin Mountain trailhead is located. After another 0.7 mile on Road 1168, turn left onto rougher gravel Road 430. In 0.5 mile, that road dead ends at the trailhead.

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06/18/2018Daphne James
06/18/2018Daphne James

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