Grasshopper Meadows

AreaWestern Cascades
(Willamette National Forest)
Best time to visitJuly
Blooming NowNo
Elevation4300-5642 feet
Trail Info2.8 miles round-trip, app 1000 feet elevation gain
App. 7 miles round-trip, 1350 feet elevation gain to Grasshopper Mountain summit

NOTE: The blue marker indicates the trailhead.


Located northeast of Oakridge, Grasshopper Mountain Meadows is a wonderful wildflower and butterfly site with diverse and unusual flora, which include: Scoulerís hawkweed (Hieracium scouleri), tongue-leaved luina (Rainiera stricta), steerís head (Dicentra uniflora), Fremontís silk tassel (Garrya fremontii), sticky currant (Ribes viscosissimum var. hallii), snapdragon skullcap (Scutellaria antirrhinoides), western blue flax (Linumlewisii var. lewisii), sulphur flower buckwheat (Eriogonumumbellatum var. umbellatum), Cascade knotweed (Polygonum cascadense), three-leaf lewisia (Lewisia triphylla), smallpink Brewerís monkeyflower (Mimulus breweri), mountain-owl clover (Orthocarpus imbricatus), Bakerís violet (Viola bakeri), and round-leaved violet (Viola orbiculata).

For additional information, visit the Cascadia Wildlands Project web site.


From Eugene, take I-5 south to Exit 188A (Oakridge/Klamath Falls). Stay on Highway 58 for approximately 31 miles to the Westfir exit (just past the Middle Fork Ranger Station). Proceed 0.5 mile across a bridge over the Middle Fork of the Willamette, and turn left onto Westfir/Oakridge road. Proceed 1.7 miles to a four-way stop (you will see a covered bridge on your left), and continue straight onto Forest Service Road 19. In another 12.7 miles, turn left onto Forest Service Road 1926. After 3 miles on FS Road 1926, veer right onto FS Road 1927. Proceed 2.1 miles, then turn right onto FS Road 1929. In another 2 miles you will come to a junction -- stay left and the trailhead will be on your right 3.3 miles after the junction.

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07/12/2008Jen Travers

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