Klickitat Trail

AreaColumbia Gorge (east - WA)
Best time to visitMid-March through mid-May
Blooming NowUnknown
Elevation130-1500 feet
Trail InfoVaries depending upon trailhead
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NOTE: The blue marker indicates the trailhead.


The Klickitat Trail follows a nearly level 31-mile abandoned rail corridor which extends from Lyle, Washington, to the Goldendale Plateau. It follows 11 miles of the nationally designated Wild & Scenic Klickitat River, and then winds its way up through Swale Canyon.

In addition to spectacular river and canyon views, the Klickitat Trail is a wonderful place to see spring wildflowers, including LOTS of desert parsley, lupine, balsamroot, buckwheat, larkspur, buttercups, phlox, shooting stars, saxifrage, and gold stars. the trail's edge are many blooming bushes, especially in mid-May,

For more information, visit the Klickitat Trail Conservancy. You can also find trail maps at the Friends of the Columbia Gorge web site.


There are numerous trailheads, including the following: Lyle (MP 0): Park across Washington State Route 14 from Coltland Realty at the west end of Lyle, Washington, just after crossing the Klickitat River Bridge. There is a portable toilet at this location. From the trailhead, proceed north parallel to State Route 142.

Fisher Hill Bridge (MP 1.6): This is north of Lyle on State Route 142 following the Klickitat River. Park on the SR 142 shoulder just before the bridge. Be sure to stay on the Trail as it proceeds north of the old railroad trestle.

Pitt (MP 10): Park across the street from the row of houses. There is a portable toilet at this location. Going west, pass through or around the double gates to access the Trail. Going north, walk the gravel road close to the highway for 100 yards and enter through the unlocked gate.

Klickitat (MP 13): The community park abuts the Trail one block south and across State Route 142 from the gas station. It is the location of the former railroad station in town. Going south from here is the preferred option, because the Trail northbound is currently in poor condition.

Wahkiacus (MP 16): Along State Route 142 approximately 3 miles north of the Klickitat trailhead, turn right and take Horseshoe Bend Road across the Klickitat River bridge. Follow the road a few hundred yards east until it intersects with Schilling Road. Turn right, and you will see the parking area on your immediate right. There is a portable toilet at this location.

Harms Road (MP 28.5): From State Route 14 in the town of Lyle, turn left onto the Centerville Highway which is between the gas station and the café. Stay on Centerville Highway for approximately 15 miles northeast, and turn left at Harms Road. Proceed north for half a mile, cross the Swale Creek bridge, and park on the shoulder of the county road. There is a portable toilet at this location. Going west from this Trailhead leads you into the beautiful Swale Canyon.

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